Cafecito con HACE: Jackie Kennedy Harris

This week, Cafecito con HACE featured special guest Jackie Kennedy Harris, Founder of JKH Career Coaching and Consulting, a full-service resource center that provides professional coaching and career advising. As an advocate and supporter of diverse student populations, Jackie gives unique attention to students and to those who are looking to get started down a career path for the first time. 

With HACE’s Virtual Career Fair around the corner, Jackie explained just how crucial it is to stand out when seeking employment. Her game plan for winning over recruiters included many useful tips to help job seekers create successful elevator pitches, choose positions that match their personality, and remember to smile and make eye contact - all while being in a virtual setting! HACE's Virtual Career Fair, held October 1st at 11 AM CST, targets college students and entry-level professionals and provides job seekers with the opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with recruiters from across the country. Click here to register and to put your preparations to the test!

Jackie has also partnered with HACE as a Career Coach from who you can seek professional guidance, training, and development. To find out how, or to meet with any of our other coaches, please visit the Career Coaching Program page and apply today!

Stay tuned for more Cafecito con HACE live every Wednesday at 10 AM CST!!

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