Hispanic Heritage Month Toolkit

The time has come, Hispanic Heritage Month is around the corner and this year, with the support of Hispanic Star, we aim to make this year bigger, bolder and better than ever before.

The Hispanic community in the U.S. is undeniably driving growth and shaping the culture of the country. Their contributions are essential and have been consistent throughout the history of America.

Hispanic Heritage Month represents an opportunity to ensure Hispanics are seen, heard and valued. In this month, let’s capture the world's attention, highlighting Hispanic contributions, stories and data, as well as celebrating Hispanic Stars who should not only be recognized by our community, but by the entire nation. Let’s be part of the narrative change. Let's be intentional in elevating the voice and perception of the Hispanic community. The time is now to send together a strong and unified message.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, HACE is committed to making sure Hispanics are seen, heard and valued.

We also invite you to take action and create activations as well. As a resource, Hispanic Star created a complete activation toolkit, available to all to join in this collective effort towards the elevation and advancement of the community. Check it out. Utilize the assets, Share the data. Customize the designs.

Despite challenges, obstacles and stereotypes, Hispanics are rising above. America is made of stars and Hispanics are one of them. Together we shine.

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