Letter from our President & CEO, #HACEMás

Every year, HACE selects a theme to embed in year-round programs and events. This year is extra special as we are celebrating 40 years of HACE’s commitment to the Latino/a/x community. With HACE Más, we honor the past four decades and the work ahead of us as we continue to positively impact the global and evolving workplace by cultivating the pipeline of Latino talent and providing Latino/a/x the insight, access, and support to be successful in their careers.

We challenge YOU to join us to do more and achieve more, all with intention, transparency, and accountability.

HACE Más for Your Career

We are experiencing historic rates of people leaving their jobs, with Latinas leading the way. While there are many reasons people are participating in the "Great Resignation", it is an “employee market” and this has created an opportunity to reshape the workplace. As you consider your career goals this year, challenge yourself to be a leader within your organization, take the leap into a new career, or start your own business. HACE is here to help! Make sure you are leveraging our resources to take advantage of this unique time and shape your career in your own way. 

HACE Más for Latino Talent

When it comes to hiring and advancing diverse/ethnically diverse/BIPOC talent, we see report after report combining women and diverse ethnic groups for overall Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) reporting on talent. I challenge these employers to break it down even further; what percentage are Latino/a/x in leadership roles? If none, share that. If a few, who are they and how can we support their leadership to get more? And employers should not count success when a “large percentage” of Latinos is only referring to lower-paying jobs. Engage your Employee/Business/Affinity Resource Groups (BRG/ERGs) in this process. We have talked to many groups, who time and time again, have no idea about where their companies are in terms of their diversity metrics, specific to Latinos. How can we expect their full engagement if we are not intentional and transparent?

HACE Más to Lead

It is important to hold each other accountable to grow as leaders. For example, whether you are in a leadership role, formally in a DEI, ERB/BRG role or not, “Más” leadership is about pushing for this accountability. HACE is here to support the commitments and pledges to hire and retain more Latino/a/x talent , such as the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and the Hispanic Promise with our programs and services. HACE is committed to holding ourselves accountable, and for our employer partners, we expect the same. Can you lead accountability, asking for or helping develop the necessary measures and tactics to meet these pledges goals for your organization?  

As we get ready to celebrate our 40th Anniversary in April, I encourage all our partners and members to consider each of the ways we can do MORE for our Latino/a/x talent and for all.


!Juntos, HACEmos Más!

Together, we do more!

Patricia Mota

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