Negotiation Strategies for Latinas

Statistics and dollar signs tell us that women in the workplace have it tough. Latinas, however, have it even tougher. While Latinas are a valuable talent pool for U.S. employers in a global economy, they represent less than 1% of executives in the United States and they are paid only 59 cents for every dollar a white male makes. Effective negotiation is one skill that can help Latinas to pave successful career paths and close the wage gap.  

Many Latina leaders believe that good work is enough to get recognized and rewarded at work. The truth is that you will often have to be prepared to negotiate to get ahead. Whether asking for a promotion, seeking a raise or approaching your boss about other resources, negotiation skills are important to help you advance in your career. 

If you’re a Latina, don’t let the statistics and figures discourage you from putting your best foot forward. Here are some strategies to help you negotiate for more:  

Practice negotiating: Effective negotiation requires practice. Find opportunities to fine tune your negotiation skills and put these strategies to the test to ensure you get the most you can. 

Be Prepared: If you are negotiating for a promotion or a raise, have all the facts about the value that you bring. Know what the market value is for skillset. Be well versed with regard to your top three accomplishments for the year and how you have contributed to the company’s bottom line. 

Be Confident: Exhibiting confidence gives you an edge in a negotiation. Dress appropriately and powerfully. Speak clearly, audibly and with authority throughout your negotiation. 

Be willing to walk away: Latinas often hesitate to walk away from a negotiation. But, there is  power in your willingness to walk away. When the other side sees that you are willing to walk away, they will know that you mean business. In the worst case, it is better to walk away than accept a deal that does not work for you. 

Effective negotiation is supported by a strong foundation. Keep the following tips in mind as you build your career:  

  • Be a Top Performer: Your performance matters. Work hard to deliver excellent results. 
  • Raise Your Hand: Step up and volunteer to take on new projects. This is a great way to get on the radar screen of the top leaders in your organization
  • Build Your Network: Cultivate a well-rounded network of peers and senior leaders. Connect with the “movers and shakers” and the “rising stars”. 
  • Be ambitious and go for it: Be clear about your goals are and do the research to learn what is required to get there. Then go for it! 
  • Talk about your accomplishments: It’s not enough to do the work and keep your head down. Talk about your accomplishments. 
  • Build your personal brand: Develop a reputation as a person who works well with others, can lead a team effectively and gets the job done. 
  • Leave to get ahead: Sometimes the best way to fast track your career is to walk out the door and find another opportunity that will take your career to the next level.  

About the Author

Ellie Nieves, JD, MBA, develops webinars, seminars, and coaching programs to help high achieving women show up, speak up, and step up in their careers. She is also the host of the  Leadership Strategies for Women Podcast where she shares success tips to help women achieve more both personally and professionally. To learn more, go to: 

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