Quick Tips to Make Leaps and Bounds into a Future-Proof Career

If there was ever an appropriate time to start thinking of where you’ll be in your career in the next 5 years, 10 years, or even 30 years down the line...it’s now

With abrupt shifts in the workplace brought on by the pandemic, new technological advancements underway, and demands from Millennial and Gen Z professionals in pursuit to shake up the work culture - forward planning in multiple directions is a surefooted way to a successful catapult into the future.

Here are a few things to strongly consider as you prepare for the hurtle:
Anticipate Change
Despite the future of work being fraught with uncertainty, one thing we can all bank on is change. By positioning yourself for those unforeseen occurrences that could take place at any moment’s notice, you will be surprised at how fast you rebound from them, and how you face new shifts in the workforce head-on.

With change being certain, remaining optimistic about your future job prospects can also pave the way to a thriving career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that employment is projected to grow from 153.5 million to 165.4 million jobs from 2020 to 2030. By keeping a positive mindset, the reward of future potential job opportunities awaits you.  

Think Personal Development  
Leveling up on personal and career development is known to boost work performance by increasing focus, motivation, and overall positive outlooks on your personal life as well as in your career. Here are some easy ways to start:  
1. Join a professional organization in your field that provides support, workshops, and a network base.

2. Get an extra boost with a Career Coach to help walk you through the personal development process.  
3. Evaluate where you need to grow to stay ahead and decide what you need to do to expand those skills.

Upskilling for Success
Today, the workforce demands an arsenal of skillsets to be possessed. The skills that you may want to hone are a combination of technical and soft skills.  
For one, being digitally inclined is integral to the modern workforce, providing you with more business opportunities right now and in the future. With current and developing changes from what we recognize as the fourth industrial revolution reshaping the way we live and work, having knowledge of even the most basic of tech skills can take you far, equipping you for what's to come.
Soft skills are not to be overlooked and are just as important as hard skills. These skills are at the forefront of decision-making, helping maintain work relationships, and facilitating growth within a company. Some soft skills that are critical for the future of work are:
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-motivation
  • Innovation
Soft skills can also be attributed to growing networks, which is the foundation of any future business objective.
Grow Your Network For the Future
"Know where you want to go and make sure the right people know about it." -- Meredith Mahoney
HACE believes strongly in the power of network building for the future of career success. With our network of 77,000 and growing, you can start your future path off right with boundless opportunities to network with other professionals! Get a head start in future-proofing your career now!
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