Cafecito con HACE: Claudia Romo Edelman

For this Hispanic Heritage Month Edition of Cafecito con HACE, we featured the founder of the We Are All Human Foundation, Claudia Romo Edelman.  

Her influence and conviction in being a social impact leader shone through, as she stated, “America is made up of stars, and we are one of them.” This is living proof that there is no better time than now to rise up and elevate one another’s voices.  

Claudia’s voice was what defined the start of her career, during a tragic earthquake in her home country, Mexico. She volunteered to sweep the streets for any signs of life being left behind in the rubble. When she suddenly sensed someone alive she yelled and urged others to help her push through an incredible wall to save the victim’s life. It was at that moment Claudia realized her purpose would someday lead her to be one of many powerful voices within her community. 

This Hispanic Heritage Month, HACE joins hands with Claudia to take action in ensuring that all of us are seen, valued, represented, and heardHispanic Star’s Hispanic Heritage Month Toolkit is a great way to get started in advocating for your community.  

Let’s also continue to share stories so that awareness is made and others are inspired! HACE is here to support you during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond! 

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