Cafecito con HACE: Giovanna Gonzalez

Giovanna Gonzalez, a first-gen Mentor and motivational speaker joined President/CEO Patricia Mota of Cafecito con HACE on Wednesday, August 4th @ 10 am to discuss a trailblazing career pivot she recently embarked on.

Check out the previously live episode below: 

From the corporate finance world, Giovanna set out to utilize her background in business economics to make a further impact on the lives of those she represents by helping them take control of their lives and navigate their careers their own way. By running financial literacy workshops, creating a first-gen mentorship on her Tik Tok channel, and working on a personal finance book, Giovanna reaches thousands of people with her advice, based on her social media following. 

HACE’s campaign, My Career, My Way, where Giovanna shares her story (and where you can too!), celebrates the way members have taken their careers into their own hands.  It aligns with the increasing demand that we see with employers meeting talent where they are and to consider their needs.  

During Cafecito con HACE, Giovanna offered useful tips on getting started, like leveling up one’s skillset and building strong network connections. As we reflect on our current jobs and career field choices, let us ensure that we ourselves feel fulfilled. For ongoing insight, advice, and useful tips, follow HACE every Wednesday @ 10 am CST on LinkedInInstagram, and YouTube where we feature new, refreshing and relevant topics that can help you stay connected and serve as a resource for your personal and professional advancement! 

Watch Cafecito con HACE w/ Givovanna Gonzalez below:

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