Leveraging HACE to Network During Post-Pandemic Times

Picture this.

A zoom meeting is held for a large group of overanxious colleagues all shouting through megaphones, causing the sound waves from their voices to clash and produce an unbearable screech. Can you guess what they were all trying to say?

“Let’s connect.”

Since COVID, people are craving to network and interact with one another - even if it means shouting through the microphone of your desktop during a virtual conference or networking event to make it apparent. HACE’s President and CEO, Patricia Mota, held a poll for all of its members to see which aspect of networking is most important to them. 


We found that with our current network of 85,000 Latino professionals and growing, people are prioritizing connections with others and look forward to experiencing the opportunities that come along with building their networks and growing business connections.  

Here are some of the ways that you (as a member) can leverage HACE to network:

  • All of our social media channels are a great way to start to create bonds or to form your own virtual community. Our LinkedIn group is a direct way to reach other members and is growing daily.
  • Attend Virtual Events/Meetings - Now that we have grown accustomed to virtual workspaces, our events give you the opportunity to hear from subject matter experts. You also have other members at your fingertips who may be interested in similar topics. Go a step further and utilize the chat feature to send a quick message to someone you’d like to correspond with. This works just as well with zoom meetings in which you can send private messages to connect one-on-one.
  • Meet in-person for lunch or coffee - Since we now have the flexibility to change up our virtual settings, take advantage of it! Meet at a quiet and quaint restaurant or a coffeehouse. Getting a scenery change from having to wearily view the four walls of your home could be just what you need to reset and branch out.

If you haven’t joined us yet, you can also stay connected!:

With everyone in reach and more eager to connect than before, leveraging your network has never been easier. Just ask HACE!

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