Mujeres de HACE 2021 Virtual Graduation

HACE Celebrates over 100 graduates from Women’s Leadership Program 

The Mujeres de HACE cohort-based leadership program celebrated their most recent graduates of the Spring session on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The graduation took place virtually with 103 of the programs’ participants in attendance.  

President and CEO, Patricia Mota expressed her own unique admiration and gratitude towards each participant, program lead, and facilitator for their collective effort in ensuring that the program uplifts, elevates, develops and inspires Hispanic/Latinx women to be successful throughout their careers and beyond. HACE’s Program Director, Kim Gutierrez brought on three graduates to discuss their personal experiences. One of the participants, Amarilis Cruz spoke highly of the connections that were made between participants and cohort leads.,  

“Regardless of where we came from, (and despite being in different states), we were able to pull together, collaborate and deliver the initiative.” - Amarilis 

Another graduate, Cristiane Gomes gave advice to anyone interested in applying for the program. Her advice was to make a commitment to prepare, to be present and to reflect on what was learned and to put it to good use. There was also the recognition of leadership, as well asnd the programs’ uniquely individualized and culturally relevant curriculum.  

A few of the Mujeres de HACE graduates also gave advice for upcoming participants of the program. It was clear that each of the women from different cohorts had created bonds that will last a lifetime.  

To learn more about the Mujeres de HACE program, click here. 


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