Give Yourself a Boost: Work With a Career Coach

“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.” — Pete Carrol 

Where does a career coach fit in? 

If you are someone who struggles with adapting to the abrupt changes brought on within the workplace or have lost a real sense of motivation in your job position or maybe feel that pressing the “fresh start” button to pursue a career change is necessary -- a career coach could be just what you need. Think about those times when: 

  • You are on a job hunt and start to get off track. A career coach is someone who holds you accountable. They are there to remind you that you are not alone throughout your search. 
  • If you are looking to take charge of your professional future, a career coach is there to help you maximize your potential.  
  • If your professional brand needs a revamp, a career coach can help you with everything from elevator pitches to building a strong resume that will have you ready for marketing yourself. 

How can coaching benefit me in my career? 

  1. Accountability - If you want to make moves but nothing is materializing, a career coach is someone that will keep you on the right path towards your goals.
  2. Knowing Your Professional Worth - If you are uncomfortable or unsure of the right time to ask for a raise or promotion, they can provide you with the tools needed to negotiate raises or job offers. 
  3. Building Confidence - although it isn’t possible for someone to boost your confidence for you, they can help to ignite the inner flame that knows how awesome you are. And because confidence is key to a successful career, it will open doors.  
  4. To See the Bigger Picture - helping you build a roadmap for your career will give you something that feels more tangible to look forward to. 
  5. Networking - career coaches know that connecting is a huge part of career development and will provide you with in-person and online resources. Join our network of over 85,000 professionals to get started! 

Can a career coach benefit me at any stage in my career? 

Whether you are just starting out at your first job/internship or in the mid-career level, a career coach can tailor a plan that suits your personal needs based on your current positions and goals, and provide you with everything you need to achieve greatness as you embark down your own unique path! 

Where to start: 

Want to try career coaching? HACE hosts Monthly 1-1 Coaching Corner sessions. These sessions offer an opportunity for HACE members to receive personalized 1:1 career guidance from professional career coaches! Each one-hour session is customized to your specific career needs from resume building, transitioning, salary negotiations, interview prep, and more. Check out our events page and sign up for the upcoming month!  

HACE’s Career Coaching Program with our executive leadership coaches awaits you on your journey to career enhancement. HACE challenges you to do whatever it takes to bring out a better version of yourself! 

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