How to Create a Team Vision Board for 2022

Research shows that the brain's functionality allows us to compute images from memory and turn them into action, conditioning our brain for achieving success. The images that we see help us to reenact them.  

Every year, the HACE team works together to create a vision board for the upcoming year. We visualize what we want to accomplish for our members and how we want to grow the organization. 

Whether you need your team to feel inspired in meeting daily goals, or you’re striving towards a personal dream career, a vision board could be just what you need to waltz into a goal-fulfilled new year! 

Let’s jump into how you can be a creative facilitator for yourself and your team using a professional vision board. 

Know Your Vision 

What are the goals you and your team hope to achieve? Is it an increase in sales or maybe meeting a quota? Envisioning your dream work-life is the first step in implementing a successful vision board. Here’s how to get started: 

Find Inspiration - Think about what motivates you and your team. Using quotes, images and seeing numbers and figures can paint a picture that unfolds itself as a manifestation for what is to come. 

Have a Big “Picture” Mindset 

Most people are visually driven. Others rely on inspirational quotes, words or even numbers to achieve the goal at hand. Collecting all of these things from either magazines or clippings from a newspaper can be a great start. Free stock photos are a Google search away if going the digital route. 

Piece It Together 

An effective professional vision board is one that can be seen. Increase its visibility by: 

  • Showcasing your board in a conspicuous location so that your whole team has visual access.
  • Using your vision board as a team building exercise for everyone to collectively bring ideas and aspirations to the table.
  • If you are remote, share it regularly or create a zoom background with it so it can be visible when you meet as a team. 

Finally, don't be afraid to update it throughout the year as you achieve your goals and/or change them. A vision board is a living document and strategically going back to it regularly will remind your team about the goals they are working towards. 

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